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Commons XmlDigester


Many applications read XML files to provide initialisation of various objects within the system. There are several ways of doing this and the most commonly used technique is to use the XmlSerializer provided by the .Net Framework System.Xml library to deserialise xml into objects. However, it is difficult to deserialise an Xml document into complex objects such as Dictionaries without customising the deserialising process. The XmlDigester component is designed to overcome this problem.

XmlDigester is a .NET library for managed deserializing of XML documents. It is a great Xml -> object mapping tool. The XmlDigester processes an XML input stream by matching a series of element nesting patterns to execute Rules that have been added prior to the start of parsing.

The Commons XmlDigester was ported from the NDigester project created by Feodor Fitsner. With the author's permission, NDigester was brought under the Dotnet Commons project. NDigester in turns was a C# port of the Jakarta Commons-Digester library.

XmlDigester library may be useful in many situations such as processing XML configuration files or sections, reading complex XML documents, etc. The key of this library it provides an ability to manage the process of XML documents/fragments deserializing. It allows developer to define rules corresponding to different XML nodes such as object creating, setting properties, invoking methods, etc.


The release packages contain the API documentation.

The Release Notes are also contained in the release packages.


XmlDigester v2.0.0.1 (Release Date: May 10 2007)
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