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Reviving the project (2009-11-18)
We are about to revive the project as some parts are still missing and .NET-Framework is proceeding forward to version 4.
Commons IO (v2.0.02) has just been released (2007-05-23)
This version contains quite a number of new methods ported from Jakarta Commons IO.
XmlDigester v2.0.0.1 has just been released (2007-05-10)
This minor release contains a minor bug fix. Many thanks to Benoit Kack for discovering the bug and provided us with suggested fix.
Moving From GotDotNet to Codeplex (2007-02-27)
Microsoft has notify everyone in the GotDotNet space that the website is soon to be phased out and decommissioned. All the projects will need to find new hosting sites. Given that CodePlex is similar in nature to GotDotNet, we have decided to move the Dotnet Commons projects here. We are currently at the stage of migrating the 2 projects. We expect to complete the move by the 27 March 2007 (which is when GotDotNet's workspace is scheduled to be phased out). Stay tune to more new items in this new home site for Dotnet Commons. We also hope that more people will join in this community to help build Dotnet Commons into a successful Open Source community project.

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