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Commons Logging


The Commons Logging component provides a unified Log interface that acts as a light-weight and independent abstraction to other logging frameworks. It allows developers to utilize a common logging API, while maintaining the freedom to utilize many different third-party logging implementations such as Log4Net or NLog. The Commons Logging API insulates the application and protects it from becoming coupled to a specific logging implementation.

Ported from the Jakarta Commons Logging and modified for the .Net framework, the component provides a small set of C# classes and interfaces that an application imports and relies upon to remove any compile-time and run-time dependencies on any particular logging implementations.

The Logging component allows developers to declaratively configure the logging implementation and the library will dynamically discover which implementation is being used. An application that utilizes the Commons Logging API does not have to be modified when the logging implementation is changed; this is the greatest benefit of such a component.

The Commons Logging package currently supports several different logging implementations out of the box:


Commons Logging does not have any dependencies on any Dotnet Commons components or 3rd party libraries.


The Release Notes document the new features and bug fixes that have been included in the latest release.

The API document is available within the release package.

A short Dotnet Commons Logging User Guide is also available.


Logging v2.0.0.0 Release Candidate (2006-09-26)
This release simply involved migrating the component to run under the .Net Framework 2.0. All .Net 2.0 and above application should migrate to this version and after. There will no longer be any more new features for this component pre v2.0.0.0.

v1.0.1 (2005-08-23)
Application running on top of .Net Framework 1.1 should use this version. Please kindly note that no new features will be added (except for extraordinary circumstances) although bug fixes will continue to be applied to this version.

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